Effect of board diversity on firms

Indonesian Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management

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The Effect of Board Diversity on Earnings Quality: An Empirical Study of Listed Firms in Vietnam

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The research literature includes over piles of firms in 35 countries and five essentials Post and Byron, If so, how and when. This high existence of family ownership officers different governance issues. that board size has no effect on performance for a board size of below six members but found a significant negative relation between the two when the board size increases to seven members or more.

This study examined the effect of board nationality and ethnic diversity on firms’ performance in the Nigeria stock exchange. With the aim of investigating the level of influence ethnic diversity and board nationality would affect firm performance in terms of profitability and growth in a developing economy, the study made use of ROA, ROE and Tobin’s Q for financial measures.

Effect of board diversity on firms performance

Previous studies have established that firms' effectiveness can differ based on the differences among directors within a board, and between boards. However, studies have yet to establish the effectiveness of the diverse attributes of the board on firms' quality of earnings in an emerging market setting such as Vietnam.

This study investigates the effect of board diversity on earnings quality. Mar 03,  · As IPO firms typically list on rising earnings, a “Glass Cliff” effect seems less plausible and relevant in the case of newly-listed firms.

Self-selection issues could arise in other ways. My study thus compares financial performance before and after IPO. This study examines the impact of board gender diversity on financial performance of listed Indian firms in a dynamic modelling framework.

Using a firm-year unit of analysis, a sample of publicly listed firms across multiple industries have been studied over a period of five financial years namely FY – to FY – test the effects of board meeting, board independence, board investigated the relationship between board characteristics and firm performance for the public listed Malaysian companies.

II. to add to the diversity of skills and expertise of the directors [7] .

Effect of board diversity on firms
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