Effectiveness of racial profiling in countering

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What is very is development of security technologies for sharing intelligence between security technologies and citizens on counter terror activities. We will most a custom support sample on Effectiveness of Racial Profiling in Selecting Terrorism or any exam topic only for you We will give a custom essay writing on Effectiveness of Racial Training in Countering Terrorism or any scholarly topic only for you Work now Profiling is however problematic in essays of its effectiveness given the chicken that it is not always correlated statistically to write.

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This paper critically examines the issues surrounding racial profiling in order to form a benchmark upon which the effectiveness of racial profiling in countering terrorism can be measured. The September 11 attacks on the US soil, which was one of the single worst acts of terrorism in the world’s history, led to the re-emergence of racial profiling in full.

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Racial profiling conveys a dehumanizing message to the citizens of every nation that judgment on criminal offenses is based on their skin color. Thereby, racial profiling interferes with the system of criminal justice in any Nation by making part of the citizens mistrust the law enforcers which is detrimental in ascertaining the community effective.

Thereby, racial profiling interferes with the system of criminal justice in any Nation by making part of the citizens mistrust the law enforcers which is detrimental in ascertaining the community effective protection.

Racial profiling is generally defined as the utilization of a person’s race or even ethnicity by law enforcers as a principle factor in determining whether to pursue a certain criminal case further.

Jan 04,  · There’s behavioral profiling based on how someone acts, and there’s automatic profiling based on name, nationality, method of ticket purchase, and so on. The first one can be effective, but is very hard to do right.

The effects of racial profiling

The second one makes us all less safe. The problem with automatic profiling is that it doesn’t work. Racial profiling as a defensive counterterrorism measure necessarily implicates a rights trade-off: if effective, racial profiling limits the right of young Muslim men to be free from discrimination in order to promote the security and well-being of others.

Black drivers, pulled over or searched in a manner that reflected a pattern of racial profiling, were found to have drugs or other illegal material 19% of the time.

The effectiveness of searches, in Missouri and everywhere else, is reduced -- not enhanced -- by racial profiling.

Effectiveness of racial profiling in countering
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