Effects of video games on the mind essay

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Effects of Video Games Essay

Effects of Video Game Addiction on the Body and Mind. Playing video games can have many different effects (both positive as well as negative) on children.

Some of these effects include increasing hand-eye coordination and increasing dexterity mental skills; a decreased interest in other activities such as studies and sports; and a very negative effect of inducing violence.

Aside from the negatives aspects video games have on the mind, some may argue that playing games can sharpen the mind. Fast pace games like GTA and Need for speed deliver excitement and agile movements in controlling the players to think quickly.

Aayushi Patel W. Ford English 22 October Video Games Deadly for the Mind One of the hot debates today is whether or not video games are responsible for teenagers’ violent actions.

Violent Video Games and Bad Behavior - At this day in age we bask in the luxury of having easy access to advanced technology at our disposal.

Effects of video games on the mind essay
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