The detrimental effect television has on our youth essay

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The Negative Effects of Mass Media and Exposure to America’s Youth Essay - Media provides advertisements that are viewed throughout the world on television programs. Commercials, magazine, and internet. However, we have to remember and be aware that the television also is seem to posses more negative effects than positive ones.

A day in a youth's life will generally be filled with activities such as playing with friends, reading, doing homework and being physically active but this can be easily replaced with the presence of television.

The American influence upon our society can easily be seen in our language, fashions, general knowledge, and cultural mind-set. Language American words (or common general English words, now laden with an Americanised meaning or application) and American phrases have buried themselves deep within the Australian language, often without our being aware of their origin.

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Watching excessive television causes health problems and depression in youth people. The different type of lights coming out of television has negative effect on our eyes.

If we watch television for long hours it causes other health problems as .

The detrimental effect television has on our youth essay
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